Dean Creates Opportunities for Studying Abroad

Lisa HonakerLisa Honaker, dean of the School of Arts & Humanities, was in her early 20s when she traveled abroad. It was then she learned the impact that travel can have on someone.

In her role as Dean, Honaker has been involved in programs that took ARHU students abroad, even traveling with them to places like Cyprus and Greece.

“I saw firsthand the impact travel had on students,” said Honaker. “It’s changed their lives and at times, changed their focus, empowering them to do things they’ve never thought of doing before.”

Honaker shared an example of a student whose entire trajectory changed after a trip to Greece. This student changed her major from nursing to archeology and went on to study with a Byzantine iconographer who she started a show with in Greece.

“It was rewarding to watch these opportunities come to her as a result of her studying abroad,” said Honaker.  

Moved and inspired, Honaker established the Arts and Humanities Study Abroad Fund to create and support travel abroad opportunities for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

“I wanted to see as many of our students get abroad as possible, particularly our underrepresented populations,” stressed Honaker.

Honaker continues to raise funds actively for the program to underscore the benefit of studying abroad.

“It takes you beyond your own experience and culture to a different experience and culture in the world,” said Honaker. “And that’s truly the benefit, to really understand the world is much bigger than where we live.”