Stockton Young Alumni Club

Young Alumni Club


The Stockton Young Alumni Club

The Stockton Young Alumni Club (YAC) is for graduates of the last decade or those who have recently transitioned from students to graduates. As a member of the YAC, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow Ospreys and determine what activities and events, career initiatives, and networking opportunities are available to Stockton alumni graduates of the last decade. 

As part of the YAC, you will:

  • Gain leadership experience and assume leadership roles
  • Build exclusive connections
  • Participate in networking opportunities
  • Get involved in creating programs and planning exclusive events
  • Become a mentor

Interested in learning more about the YAC?

Meet the Stockton Young Alumni Club Advisory Board:

Carl Archut, Jr. `16 
Director of Development for Regional Giving, University of California, Davis

Breanna Betts `20
Barista, Hayday Coffee

Julie Coker `20
Licensed Social Worker

Michelle Di Liberto `20
Paraprofessional, Machester Township School District

Sutton Fineran `15
Admissions Ambassador Liason/Senior Clerk Typist, Stockton University

Shakuwra Garrett `15
Event Manager/Real Estate Professional, Neumans Kitchen/Real Estate

Nathaniel Geary `12
Real Estate Enterprise Owner/Manager

Matthew Greer `15
Program Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Temple University

Charlie Nusbaum `14
Ph.D. Candidate, Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Kellee Statt `16
Instructional Designer/Software Manager/eLearning, Realtime Information Technology