Terri Carr

Terri Carr, Director

609-652-4650 | CC-104 N
Dayna DeFiore

Dayna DeFiore, Assistant Director

609-652-4650 | CC-104 K
Netesha Peterson

Netesha Peterson, Assistant Director

609-652-4584 | CC-104 O
Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns, Assistant Director

609-652-4377 | CC-104 M
Jacob Helmeczi

Jacob Helmeczi, Assistant Director

609-652-4650 | CC-104 L
Jackie Griffin-Wilson

Jackie Griffin-Wilson, Technical Assistant 2

609-652-4650 | CC-104 
Luz Pestritto

Luz Pestritto, Professional Services Specialist 3

609-652-4650 | CC-104 


Career Ambassadors:

Career Ambassadors are students trained to assist other students with resumes and cover letters.  They are also available to present to student clubs and in residence halls on resumes and other services that Career Education & Development provides.

Find out how you can become a Career Ambassador and gain valuable experience and advice for your own career.