Dual Credit High School Application Instructions

Becoming a dual credit student is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Apply to be a dual credit high school student through the online application below.
  2. Course registration (to be done by Stockton).
  3. You will receive an email once you are registered that contains your goStockton username and instructions on how to access your goStockton account. You can verify course registration and pay for the course(s) in the goStockton portal. 
     **PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive a confirmation email until your school application deadline has passed and registration by Stockton has been completed.

Follow the instructions below to submit the online application to participate in the Dual Credit High School program through Stockton University. An application is required to be submitted each year/term of participation.

*If you do not remember your login ID and Pin from a previous term please create a new login ID and Pin to fill out the current application.*

*Submission of this application does NOT mean you are registered for a dual credit course. Registration will be done by Stockton in coordination with your high school. You will be emailed your goStockton portal login credentials AFTER you are registered for a course(s).

Step-by-step instructions:

From the Dual Credit High School Application page

Click on CREATE A LOGIN ID (under the Login button)

Create a Login ID (up to 9 characters)

Create a PIN (must be no more than 8 characters, please use ABCD1234 as the PIN if you are having issues creating one)

Verify the PIN 

Click Login

Screen shot

NOTE: Your application will be saved and can be accessed at a later date by logging in with your Login ID and PIN to add information or make revisions before submitting. This is NOT your official goStockton account. You will receive an email with your official goStockton account information once you are registered for a course(s).

From the Select Dual Credit High School Application Type page

Choose DUAL CREDIT HIGH SCHOOL (from the Application Type drop down menu above the Continue button)

Click Continue

Screen shot

From the Start the Application page

Choose Fall 2020 from the Admission term drop down menu (just above the First Name field)

Enter Your First Name

Enter Your Middle Initial (if you have one)

Enter Your Last Name

Click Fill Out Application

Screen shot

From the Application Checklist page

Click on Address

Enter Your Address

Click Continue (to proceed through all Checklist items)

Enter Your Personal Information (including your Social Security Number with no dashes)


Click Continue and proceed through checklist.

Screen shot

From the Additional Information Page

Read and answer all questions

Enter the name of your Parent/Guardian and their relationship to you in the box so they are able to access your goStockton account, view your registration, make payment, view your transcript, etc.

Click Continue

Screen shot

On the High School page

Enter Your High School Code (see the list below)

View High School Codes

Click Continue

Screen shot

Finalizing the Form

After all areas of the checklist have been completed, click "Application is Complete."

Screen shot

Agree to Terms

Click I agree to the terms to submit the application.

NOTE: You must click Application is Complete and agree to the terms for your application to be successfully submitted. Once your application has been accepted, you will get a confirmation page. Please do not submit more than one application.

Screen shot