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Organization of Library Personnel Committee (LPC) and Faculty Review Committee (FRC)
Sep. 13       Election of Library Personnel Committee.

Sep. 17       Library Personnel Committee convenes for organizational meeting.

Sep. 17       Faculty Review Committee convenes for organizatinal meeting. 


PRC Meeting Weeks

Sep. 20-Oct. 1, 2024 Jan. 3-14, 2025 Jan. 28-Feb 18, 2025
PRC vote: virtual/not for 1/14 letters. Promo/recon due 10/1 Year 2, PT, XIIIo, NTTP letters due 1/14 T&P letters due 2/11; Years 1,3,4, & XIIId due 2/18


FRC Election for 2025-2027 Terms
Mar. 17       Nominations open for school representatives and alternates open for BUSN, GENS, and SOBL.
Mar. 21       Nominations close.
Mar. 24       Election of school representatives and alternates open online.
Mar. 28       Election of school representatives and alternates closes.
Mar. 31       Nominations for at-large representatives open university-wide.
Apr. 4          Nominations close.
Apr. 7          Election of at-large representatives opens online.
Apr. 11        Election of at-large representatives closes.
* In accordance with Master Agreement, applicants may add materials at any time. Due dates for rebuttal letters are included to indicate the time when rebuttals must be submitted to guarantee they will be considered by the next level of evaluation. Rebuttals are due on the date indicated at 2PM.
** Unless otherwise indicated in the category denoting Faculty: PT includes part-time faculty in years 1-4, after year 5, and year 5.
All Faculty, Library Faculty, and Professional Staff will submit their files electronically for all levels of evaluation during the 2023-2024 personnel cycle.