2020 Strategy Map

  Learning Engagement Global Perspectives Sustainability
Students, Faculty & Stakeholders

S1 – Deliver high value-added learning experiences and promote scholarly activity.

S2 – Promote liberal arts ideals to develop lifelong learners

S3 – Establish Stockton as an integral part of the identity of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.

S4 – Prepare students for active citizenship role.

S5 – Create mutually reinforcing intellectual and co-curricular experiences

S6 – Develop a globally diverse Stockton community

S7 – Enhance capacity to participate globally

S8 – Increase sustainable infrastructure

S9 – Enhance sustainability education and research

S10 – Increase recognition as a model of sustainability

S11 – Partner to promote global sustainability

Internal Process IP1Strengthen internal processes to support learning, engagement, global education and sustainability
    P2 – Integrate global program efforts among multiple units of the college

IP3 – Prioritize sustainability in plant operations & residential life

IP4 – Promote sustainability across the curriculum

IP5 – Develop and implement sustainability programs

Employee Readiness   ER1 - Develop faculty and staff skills to support learning, engagement, global education and sustainability
ER2 – Reward scholarly applications.

ER3 – Foster an interactive environment among students, faculty, staff and community

ER4 – Increase opportunities for interactions between internal and external communities

ER5 – Strengthen opportunities for global interaction among members of the Stockton community
ER6 – Reward sustainable
ER6 – Reward sustainable
Resource Stewardship RS1 – Establish additional revenue sources
RS2 – Reduce expenses
RS3 – Align resources to support the strategic plan
      RS4 – Seek efficiencies through sustainable practices