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President's Message


A Message from President Harvey Kesselman

As students and educators around the country, and right here at Stockton University, make the transition to online and distance learning in light of the coronavirus pandemic, let us remember that learning and educating is not confined to the four walls of our classrooms.

This issue of Stockton Now highlights the champions of expanding access to learning opportunities in South Jersey and beyond. High school students throughout New Jersey and now parts of Pennsylvania have the opportunity to earn Stockton credits while still in school through our Dual Credit program, now with more than 800 students enrolled.

A grant awarded to the School of Arts & Humanities brought a group of students from Colombia to campus to address globalized human displacement, migration and the refugee crisis through art, workshops and community outreach programs. This exchange of knowledge and cultural perspectives helps us prepare our students to be effective citizens in a global society.

Stockton continues to prepare students for the ever-changing job landscape with innovative degree programs, including our two newest graduate programs: a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration & Leadership and a Professional Science Master’s in Coastal Zone Management.  These programs provide graduates with real-world skills and hands-on experience to excel in the specialized fields of healthcare leadership and environmental science.

In this issue you’ll also get a peek behind the scenes of our creative staff, including video producer Joseph Petrilli ‘16 who is blending his passions for sports and storytelling in a professional capacity, and staff across multiple disciplines who came together to create a breathtaking new mural that aims to protect the birds who call our campus home.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Stockton Now. To our alumni and community members on the frontlines of this epidemic, I sincerely thank you for your courage and contributions. I wish you and your families a healthy spring and look forward to engaging with you online now and welcoming you back to campus in the future.


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Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President 
Stockton University