President's Message

Fall 2017 Issue

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President's Message


A Message from President Harvey Kesselman

Recent events at the University and across our country have stirred our emotions and have challenged us to examine our nation’s history and current climate.

In September, white supremacist flyers were distributed on our main campus in Galloway by individuals not affiliated with the University. The discovery of these unauthorized materials shook our community to the core.  It was a shocking and disturbing reminder that hate, bigotry and racism are still very prevalent in our society.

As I made clear earlier this fall, Stockton strongly denounces the actions and beliefs of those who promote hate propaganda, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism. Those actions and beliefs will not be tolerated at our University.

Shortly thereafter, I was extremely proud to see so many members of our community come together to show their support of our values and appreciation of our diversity by participating in our Student Senate’s rally entitled, Unite Against Hate.

This semester, I announced the creation of a new steering committee to lead the charge of exploring our University’s history and why our institution was named for Richard Stockton, a New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence, who also enslaved people. This distinguished committee is researching and hosting programs as part of the Stockton Exhibition Project and will continue its work throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

Since its founding, Stockton University has fostered an environment that values civil debate, critical thinking and multiple points of view. We appreciate civil discourse and encourage meaningful conversations that can lead to a better understanding of various viewpoints. Our job as educators is to foster dialogue through different perspectives. With perspective comes understanding.

Throughout this issue of Stockton Now e-zine, you will read about how our student leaders, faculty, staff and alumni are engaging in meaningful conversations and programs that offer a forum for various ideas and perspectives. Together, we will remain steadfast in providing an environment where all members of our community feel welcomed and supported.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Stockton Now e-zine.


 Harvey Kesselman Signature
Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President 
Stockton University