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Fall 2022 Day of Scholarship

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Almajid, Rania - HLTH

Reliability and Validity of the Arabic Short Falls Efficacy Scale-International for Stroke Survivors

In this poster, we will discuss the validity and reliability of the Arabic Short Falls Efficacy Scale International (FES-I) in a sample of stroke survivors

Presented by: Brooke Wasco
*Balasco, Lauren - SOBL

Engaging Citizenship: Writing an introduction to politics textbook

Engaging Citizenship is a co-authored core political science text that provides the resources needed to achieve the diverse learning outcomes most Introduction to Politics courses seek to accomplish: 1) to develop students’ broad understanding of the U.S. political system in a global context, 2) to expose students to the four main subfields in Political Science and, 3) to inspire students to become more engaged in the democratic process as educated and empowered citizens.

*Criscione-Naylor, Noel - BUSN
Aarons, Jennifer - BUSN
Roubos, Demetrios - IT

Investigation of Work Ready Requirements and Appropriate Curriculum Pairing for Esports in Higher Education

Esports has become one of the most rapidly growing, multi-national, billion-dollar industry driven by the growing provenance of (online) games and online broadcasting technologies. Job prospects in the industry are emergent, diverse and may not be directly related to Esports. This makes it difficult to understand where esports fits in a higher education context; this project investigated current esports job prospects and their corresponding work ready requirements to determine appropriate Esports curriculum place.

Presentation originally given live.
*Ferri, Christine - SOBL

Current attitutdes about psychological treatment seeking in adults

Phone interviews with adults ages 40-80 living in southern New Jersey found that women had more positive attitudes toward mental health treatment than men. There was no correlation between age and attitudes, and no difference in attitudes between black and white respondents. These findings suggest that individual attitudes toward treatment might not be a primary barrier to utilization of treatment and structural solutions may more successfully increase utilization of mental health treatment.

Student Contributors: Van Nhi Ho, Kathy Quintana Godoy
*Hultquist, Aleksondra - GENS

Editing Part 2 of Aphra Behn's "Love-Letters between a Nobleman and His Sister" (1685)

Sophomore Jordan DAvis has been a crucial research partner in the process of textually editing a 17th century book. This project is phase 2 of a multi-year process of updating, footnoting, and writing the introduction for the go-to edition of the first novel in the British canon (which happens to be written by a woman) for the oldest running press int he world, Cambridge University Press.

Student Contributor: Jordan Davis
Presentation originally given live.


*Li, Zheng - BUSN

Evaluating Students' Computer Program Comprehension by Eye-Tracking Analysis

This project is to utilize artificial intelligent technique to evaluate students' programming proficiency by analyzing their eye gaze in reading the program source code. We propose a new AI method to classify student programming proficiency level and conduct experiments on the largest publicly available eye gaze data set to evaluate the effectiveness of our proposed method.

*Majstorovic, Gorica - ARHU

Cultural and Literary Dialogues Between Asia and Latin America

Cultural and Literary Dialogues Between Asia and Latin America is a volume I co-edited with Dr. Axel Gasquet. It includes an Introduction and 14 essays focusing on the Global South, by scholars from across the world.

Moscovici, Daniel - NAMS

Evaluating Ski Resorts Closures & Links to Climate Change

More than half of ski resorts have closed in North America since the building boom of the 1960s and 1970s. Our research begins to quantify some geographic indicators (i.e. elevation, precipitation, temperature, latitude, etc.) to determine if there is a relationship between resort closures and climate change.

Student Contributor: Rachael Baldwin

Presentation originally given live.


*Olson, Kory - ARHU

The Routledge Handbook on the History of Paris since 1789

This Handbook on the History of Paris since 1789 serves as an innovative piece of scholarship on the city that highlights new avenues of research on post-Revolutionary Paris and its society. By telling the story of Paris in all of its complexity, we can learn more about France's place in the world. The goal of the handbook will be to provide a cultural history of Paris as a metropolis from the Revolution, through the turbulent nineteenth century, the “triumphant" Third Republic, World Wars, decolonization, and contemporary social and cultural movements up to the present day.

**Prakash, Sreelekha - HLTH

Substance Use and Prevention Measures: Survey Analysis

An ongoing project to develop strategic prevention framework to address substance use and develop prevention measures to support a collaborative effort with a community partner in Cape May County.

Student Contributors: Bianca Gamadia, Jewel Kunnumpuram

*Rodriguez, Michael - SOBL

Mis-remembering the Texas Rangers (1910-1920)

Public memoralization of the Texas Rangers obscures its complicitly in racial violence that targeted Tejanos in the borderland region of Texas during 1910-2920. The presentation highlights the incongruity in the public imagination between the heroic narrative of the Texas Rangers and their history of extralegal, racialized violence.

Presentation originally given live.


Schroer, Melanie - NAMS

The Value of Learner-Generated Videos in the College Classroom

This presentation will discuss the use of student-made videos in undergraduate courses through examples from online and face-to-face Anatomy and Physiology classes. Data on perceived learning and performance, as well as enjoyment and engagement, will be presented.