Zoom Recording Presentations

From A Production Standpoint, the Following is recommended:

  1. Be sure each presenter is well lit and not sitting in front of a window as this will silhouette the individual. In addition, try to avoid your computer as the main source of lighting (this can be done by placing a lamp just behind your screen to provide front light or changing your desktop background to a less harsh color).
  2. Be sure each presenter projects their voice and is within a decent distance to mic on computer. In addition, be sure any background noise is minimized (tv, radio…. etc.) If you are running a multi-presenter recording session, best practiceis  to have everyone muted until it is their time to present.
  3. Be sure your camera shot does not have too much head room, frame your shot with equal distance on all sides. In addition, if using a laptop, elevate the laptop so you are at eye level with the integrated camera.
  4. Presenters using their natural surroundings as backdrop is optimal, however, your background speaks volumes about you, so be sure it is professional and neat.
  5. Presenters choosing to use a virtual Stockton branded background; (please note that moving around during the presentation will cause substantial visual drop out of presenter and will be distracting for other zoom participants.
  6. Be sure your cloud recording settings are set as seen below for optimal recording.

CLOUD RECORDING: Optimal Recording Settings For Post Production:
cloud settings
From an I.T. Zoom setting standpoint the following is recommended:
  • Enable HD when recording:



  • Perform a pre-test/recording prior to recording session to ensure audio/video works well.
  • Record to cloud and then share via link from Zoom, that way we can pull from the source rather than something potentially converted from  downloading/uploading.