Virtual Liberal Arts Grand Rounds

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Welcome to the February 8th

Virtual Liberal Arts Grand Rounds!



  1. Step 1

    Please click the Zoom Registration button below to sign-up for the event. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: you must register before 11:59pm on Friday, February 3, 2023.

    To ensure that you have the latest Zoom client check out their downloads page here to download and install the Zoom client for your device. Prior to the event you can test your Zoom client using Zoom’s test meeting feature here. If you need assistance installing the zoom client for your device please see Zoom’s client install support page here. If you are having connection issues and need to call in follow the directions from your Zoom confirmation email. 

  2. Step 2

    Virtual Liberal Arts Grand Rounds Format 

    Students will: 

    • Work in student teams 
    • Be assigned an IPE faculty mentor 
    • Attend an online virtual Interprofessional education session 
    • Engage in a simulation/discussion of Interprofessional care through a case vignette 
  3. Step 3

    Case Study (click here)

    Main Room Questions

    1. What are all the ways this person’s life may now be impacted?
    2. How can you contribute positively to the person’s quality of life based on your area of study?
    3. What are the areas that may be easily overlooked when planning the patient’s eventual return home?
    4. Why is it important to have an interdisciplinary approach- especially outside of the clinical professions?
    5. How could a person’s culture play into the quality of care received during treatment and discharge planning?