Economic Inequality Initiative

Economic Inequality LogoStockton recently joined a national initiative that will engage college and university campuses and communities across the country in discussing, debating, and exploring the complex causes and consequences of economic inequality. The three year initiative was launched by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in September 2014, and reflects the burgeoning national discourse and research on economic inequality that has emerged since the onset of the Great Recession and financial crisis.

The initiative, which involves over twenty colleges and universities, seeks to study, discuss, debate, and explore—via multiple mediums and across the disciplines—the complex relationships between economic inequality, economic opportunity, social mobility, and public policy. Participating campuses will also develop, implement, and document innovative, interactive curricula and experiential learning modules on economic inequality that can be adopted and adapted across campuses and communities. Additional information on the national initiative is accessible at American Association of State Colleges and Universities.