Professional Development & Continuing Education

Stockton University's Mission Statement points to helping students develop the capacity for continuous learning and educational opportunities that respond to state and regional needs. This contributes to the University's mission by promoting opportunities for professional development and life-long learning to the regional professional and lay community.

While the two offices are housed in different divisions of the college, they work collaboratively in order to be fully responsive to clients’ needs. Whether you are a small or large company, school, non-profit or community agency, health services organization or state, county, or municipal government, you will find Stockton University's Professional Development and Continuing Education team to be your one-stop partner for all of your training, consulting, technical assistance and research needs.

Southern Regional Institute and Educational Technology Training Center (SRI-ETTC)

SRI/ETTC provides professional development opportunities to preK-12 educators and other professionals who offer support services to schools. The overall goal of the SRI/ETTC is to improve student academic achievement, organization effectiveness, employee performance, and user satisfaction.

The SRI/ETTC Consortium represents 80 organizations, of which 68 are school districts throughout southern New Jersey. This Consortium encompasses 200 schools, over 7,500 teachers, and more than 100,000 preK-12 pupils.

The PDCE Program has as its core the same faculty and staff that have made the University one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the nation. In October 2003, U.S. News and World Report, one of the best-known rankings of colleges and universities, listed Stockton University among the top five national public liberal arts colleges in the country. It was the second time in four years that Stockton made the top five.

The Business Studies Program and the CPE Program, in collaborative effort, provides a Hospitality Management Certificate Program. This certificate is structured to provide value as a credential in the hospitality industry. Additional Management Certificate Programs also are available in a number of business related areas.