Embedding Video Files in Blackboard with Google Drive

While it is possible to store documents and images directly inside of a Blackboard course, for large files such as video content it is more efficient to store them in Google Drive. All Stockton faculty, staff, and students have access to 20GB of storage space on their individual Google Drive accounts.


To begin, navigate to your course and click on the + icon to create an item, then choose "Content Market".

A screenshot of a Blackboard course section, with an arrow indicating towards the “Content Market” button.

From the list of Content Market options, choose "Google Drive File Embed".

A screenshot of the Google Drive File Embed button

If you aren’t already signed into your GSuite for Education account, click “Sign In” and log in with your full firstname.lastname@stockton.edu email address.

Next, choose the “Upload” tab and choose a file from your computer to upload. During the upload process, you’ll be asked to attach the file to your course – choose “Attach” when prompted.

A screenshot of the Google Drive upload interface within Blackboard.

A link to your file will appear in your course. Your video may take a few minutes to process before it can be viewed. 

A screenshot of a Google Drive file link within a Blackboard course.

Once your video file has been processed, it can be watched directly within the course with familiar video player controls.

A screenshot of an embedded video file playing within Blackboard.

Note: to share videos uploaded in this manner outside of Blackboard, navigate to Google Drive and find the appropriate video file, then right-click on the file and choose "get shareable link". This will generate a link that you can share via email or other electronic mediums.

A screenshot of google drive, with an arrow pointed to the "get shareable link" button