Vice President for Student Affairs

A Message from Dr. Christopher Catching 

cccHello, Ospreys! As the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Chief Student Affairs officer at Stockton, I am designated by the President of the university to provide leadership for many of the support and educational resources that impact your student experience.  My colleagues and I are here to help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Stockton is a great place to be! We are all members of the Osprey community, committed to providing a campus environment that is civil, safe, community oriented and respectful to everyone. We adhere to principles supporting the human right to be treated with respect, dignity and care.

Stockton encourages a campus culture that values and understands respectful interaction, and supports that through numerous programs, activities, offices and other resources. We strive to reinforce the values of a decent and honorable community by elevating the civil, respectful behavior and personal responsibility of every Stockton community member. You – our valued Stockton students—are our first priority and our most important partner.

A Culture of Respect is reflected in our shared commitment, goals, values and practices create an inclusive, affirming learning environment where all community members are safe, healthy, connected and excelling. I look forward to seeing you around campus.

Visit the Culture of Respect Web site  for information and resources. 

Our Vision

Stockton Student Affairs will be recognized as a national leader for closing equity gaps, promoting inclusive student success, and facilitating transformative learning experiences. 

Our Mission 

Stockton Student Affairs is a community of educators who prepare students for lifelong learning and leadership. 

Our Values

  • Student-Centered Education: We value the lived experiences and knowledge that our students bring to the University and the learning opportunities created by multiple perspectives.  
  • Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: We provide all members of the University community with   access to inclusive learning opportunities and resources in an environment that affirms their identities and supports their well-being and success.   
  • Collaboration and Community: We accomplish our mission through active collaboration with University and community partners to facilitate students’ formal learning in the classroom and formative learning outside of the classroom.  
  • Professional Development and Engagement: We value our role as educators and learners who are committed to creating innovative student-centered best-practices to support inclusive student success.   
  • Responsible Stewardship: We maximize the impact of our work on student learning and success through the usage of outcomes-based strategies that are guided by data and supported by a strategic allocation of our human, financial, technological and facilities resources.   

Strategic Priorities

The Division of Student Affairs supports inclusive student success by focusing on four strategic priorities:

  • Create a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment
  • Promote Belonging, Engagement and Development
  • Enhance Academic Excellence and Post-Graduate Success
  • Strengthen Strategies, Resources and Impact

Divisional Strategic Areas

The Division of Student Affairs, led by professional and student co-educators, works closely with University and community partners to ensure that all undergraduate and graduate students have access to transformative learning opportunities, programs and services that prepare them for life-long success. The Division is organized into three Strategic Areas to support students’ formal learning in the classroom and formative learning outside of the classroom:

  • Student Health, Wellness and Safety
  • Student Engagement and Development
  • Student Transitions, Access and Retention

 Contact the Vice President for Student Affairs at or 609.652.4225.