Jared Bland

Image of Jared BlandBS Applied Physics Minor in Writing,
BS Mathematics, '15


I'm Jared Bland (great last name, I know), and I graduated in May 2015. With four years, I managed to graduate with degrees in Applied Physics and Mathematics and a minor in Writing.

Both departments I called home have been influential beyond words. As an example, most students in the U.S., they have one "advisor", a person to whom they recite their course schedule once a semester and otherwise never see. For me, naming "my advisor" is difficult. Academically, I had an official advisor for each major, both of whom helped me individually study advanced topics in physics and math; as well as several other project advisors with whom I did work in energy audits, disease modelling, physical geometries, and symmetries. Stockton's faculty has a rare quality of caring about students and unselfishly preparing them for the next stage.

These days, I'm pursuing a Physics Ph.D. at Purdue University. It is funny to meet students from other institutions and learn that they were never prepared on how to give a talk, how to participate in research, or how to pursue their interests beyond a set list of courses. While I have much to learn, Stockton has greatly helped me know how to present, how to write, and introduced me to the many topics I've grown to love. Looking back, it's easy to see how Stockton has affected my choice of graduate school and even my sub-field of research—unsurprisingly, mathematical physics.

If considering Stockton, I would urge you to visit and attend; you'll be hard-pressed to find another bachelor's institution where the professors care as much about your education and well-being.