Career Opportunities in Sustainability

There is a clear need for a new generation of environmental leaders, image of sustainability student advocates and professionals for a planet under stress. Scientific research increasingly tells us that we are compromising the natural systems on which our lives depend. Indeed, there is a growing consensus that the world requires an urgent response from the public and private sectors to avoid the worst potential threats of global ecological degradation. Faculty at Stockton University evaluated the current job market for Sustainability Professionals and produced a useful report.

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Sustainability Career ImageStockton's degree in sustainability is designed to help create the leaders of this green collar economy. In particular, there is a need for trained professionals who can integrate a critical understanding of sociopolitical, legal and economic realities with a rigorous understanding of the natural and physical sciences; they must posses a thorough command of the challenges that threaten our ecological systems, and appreciation for the constraints that can limit our actions, and an understanding of the technology that may help provide solutions.

There are strong indicators that the current size and growth of sustainability-related employment is significant. Indeed, it appears a new professional field is developing in relatively short order, often referred to as sustainability professionals. A key element of this growth is the considerable expansion of the so-called clean energy sector. However, similar growth is also apparent in green finance, sustainable product development, environmental auditing and related areas. Several on-line employment sites can be used to help you identify these career options.