Catherine A. Tredick

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

A&S 221



PhD, Wildlife Science, Virginia Tech
MS, Wildlife Science, Virginia Tech
BS, Biology, Duke University



wildlife biology, population dynamics, wildlife habitat analysis, wildlife conservation


ENVL 2200 Ecological Principles
ENVL 3136 Mammalogy
ENVL 3121 Wildlife Management
GNM 2272 Global Wildlife Conservation



My research interests span a wide range of issues related to applied wildlife management and population response to habitat and landscape change. I employ a variety of field techniques, spatial analyses, and statistical methods to evaluate wildlife population dynamics, demographic parameters, movement patterns, habitat use, and genetic structure of wildlife populations. I also focus on the human dimension of wildlife management to better understand stakeholder perceptions of wildlife populations and management decisions. Integrating the human dimension into conservation and management decisions is essential for developing effective solutions to these often challenging problems.


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Augustine, B., C.A. Tredick, and S.J. Bonner. 2014. Accounting for behavioral response to capture when estimating population size from hair snare studies with missing data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5:1154-1161.

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