Matthew Landau

Professor of Marine Science

Phone: 609.652.4578
Office: USC2-303
Website/CV: Matthew Landau Website


In addition to the educational experiences listed above, I have worked for (a) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, New York, NY, reviewing  municipal cost-sharing proposals for conversion of secondary waste water  treatment plants to tertiary plants, (b)  New York Ocean Science Laboratory, Montauk, NY,  developing  media for marine algae, testing the effects of insect juvenile hormone mimics on crustacean development, and culturing barnacles, (c) U.S. Department of Agriculture, Gainesville, FL, studying the effects of juvenile hormones and related  compounds on the metabolism of insect larvae, (d) University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, characterizing  glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in  fish and brine shrimp, studying the effects of precocene II on crustacean development, and helping with the isolation and partial characterization of pigment-dispersing hormone from crabs, (e) Harbor Branch Foundation, Fort Pierce, FL, studying crustacean biology and culture, the effects of certain pollutants on the development of aquatic organisms, and  physiology and biochemistry of the brine shrimp, (f) Oceanic Institute, Waimanalo, HI. Duties  included program and personnel management, and research on the  production of brine shrimp and unicellular algae, and (g) University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT and Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, M, working with tissue culture, and monitoring hormone production in crustaceans using radioisotopes and chromatographic techniques. 

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Ph.D., Oceanography, Florida Institute of

M.S., Marine Science, Long Island University
B.S., Biology, St. John's University


Invertebrate zoology, tropical marine biology, aquaculture, biostatistics, and science education.


BioStatistics II
Invertebrate Zoology


Marine biology education, Mathematical ecology of shallow water ecosystems, and Arthropod culture and endocrinology.


About 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals, plus:

Landau, M., 1992. Introduction to Aquaculture. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. 440 p.

Landau, M., W. Biggers, and H. Laufer, 1997. Invertebrate endocrinology. In: Handbook of Physiology Section 13 Comparative Physiology Volume II. Oxford Press, New York, p. 1291-1390.

Landau, M., 1997. Poisonous, Venomous, and Electric Marine Organisms of the Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean. Plexus Publishing, Inc., Medford, NJ. 217 p.

Landau, M. and L. Gates. 2005. Eco-Touring the Florida Keys, Best Publishing Co., Flagstaff, AZ. 262 p