Mark Nicholas Demitroff

Board Member, South Jersey Culture & History Center (Stockton)

Board Member, United States Permafrost Association

Phone: 609.626.6030
Office: Kramer Hall
Website/CV: Old Frozen Dirt



Ph.D. Land-Surface Processes: University of Delaware, in progress
M.S. Geography: University of Delaware, 2007
B.S. Agricultural Sciences: Rutgers, Cook College, 1982

Image of Adjunct Faculty Mark Demitroff



Pinelands Geography, Periglacial Geomorphology – Past Permafrost


Pinelands Phys/Cultural Geog GIS 4672, The Pine Barrens, GNM 2234


Past permafrost aggradation & degradation, eolian dynamics, paleohydrology, cryogenesis, geodiversity, Younger Dryas, Pine Barrens cultural history, folklore.


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