Computer Lab Assistants

The Office of Information Technology Services provides support and training to students, faculty and staff in the use of computing facilities and additionally, supports faculty efforts to infuse technology into the curriculum. Computer Labs, under the supervision of the Office of Information Technology Services, are staffed by Lab Assistants who help maintain hardware and software and provide technical assistance to users. 

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Computer Lab Assistants serve as the main support staff for the Academic Computer Labs and Electronic classrooms, responsible not only for interfacing with computers, both hardware and software, but also for interacting with the users themselves, sometimes serving as tutors in that regard. Computer Lab Assistants are available at each of the major academic computing facilities that fall under the responsibility of Information Technology Services. These workers come from various backgrounds and majors and, consequently, contribute different skill sets and abilities; all, however, are very qualified to support users in majority of the equipment and software found in the labs.

Computer Lab Assistants are responsible for performing routine operational checks of the equipment within the labs and for submitting problem reports. Assistants help keep the labs running at optimum levels by informing the computer maintenance staff where problems are occurring. Assistants will communicate with students and faculty regarding lab hours, operations, and services such as workshops and the reservation of labs or mobile projection units. Lab Assistants are sometimes required to visit off-site campus facilities which may necessitate driving a Departmental Vehicle.