Manager's Tech Punchlist

Below is a technology "punch list" for managers with new hires. Managers should allow sufficient time so that these tasks can be completed prior to the employee's first day. Not all of these are the responsibility of Information Technology Services, but may impact the services we provide.

To do list

  • Purchase or assign an appropriately configured computer. ITS Help Desk (x.4309) can assist by providing a quote, if needed.
  • Purchase and install any needed software. The Purchasing Department (x.4325) can assist in locating state contract vendors. The ITS Help Desk (x.4309) can provide installation assistance, if needed.
  • Verify that network connectivity is available in the work location. Notify  ITS Help Desk (x.4309) if a new network port will be needed or an existing port will need to be relocated.
  • Notify Phone Operator (Dial 0) of telephone needs -- number assignment, reset voice mail box
  • Notify Joe Loefflad (x.4643) of any alarm code needs
  • Contact the  ITS Help Desk (x.4309) to request workstation login setup and printing access
  • Submit a completed account request form for access to appropriate systems. (We will provide HR with the acceptable use policy and account request form to be completed prior to the first day.) At a minimum, account requests should include Outlook (for e-mail).
  • Request (through SchoolDude) the proper keys and electronic access control from the Access Control (x6083 or x4391) for the areas the new individual will need access to.