Susan Crawford

Susan Crawford is an illustrator, designer and painter with a lifelong love of mid-century design, science, mythology, folklore and the natural world. Her work has been featured nationally and internationally in advertising, murals, interactive exhibits, apparel, logos, surface design and educational material. Clients include The World Expo in Dubai 2021, Smithsonian's National Zoo, The American Museum of Natural History, National Geographic Kids Books, Miami Children’s Museum, Publix, Toys R Us, Target, Chronicle Books, Hershey, Bell Helmets, A&W and Ride Snowboards. 

Susan and her husband, Allen Crawford founded Plankton Art Company in 1996. They are active volunteers for conservation programs in the New jersey Pine Barrens.

This piece captures the delicate, the deadly, the undulating rhythms of bizarre and varied forms as the Greek goddess Amphitrite calls them into being. The power of these ancient gods and goddesses were lost ago, and with them our reverence for the creatures under their protection. We’ve squandered these riches with the full knowlege it will hasten our own demise if we choose not to act, And we must! Not tomorrow.Today.

Terra Regina
Earth-Mother goddesses cults have been an important part of our culture long before we developed written language. She is the creator and the destroyer and like all of nature, red in tooth and claw. But her powers are waning in the face of our short sighted stewardship of the land. Industrial agriculture has depleted soil nutrient to such an extent, even our crops now have a lower nutritional content. Additionally, habitat loss, deforestation, fracking all contribute to eat away at what’s left of our green, wild places. The loss of such places would diminish us. It robs us of the simple and pure quiet not found online or in any app, but in the breath of a forest, a meadow or mountain. 

With All These Arms
I've always held a fascination for octopus and took great joy observing them while diving in Belize and South Africa. Among invertebrates, octopus possess the largest and most complex brain and nervous system. Together with three hearts, nine brains (a donut shaped brain in the mantle with “mini brains” in each arm) and blue blood, they are true aliens among us. Their adept skills of tool use disguise and camouflage are well known, yet for all these incredible attributes, their lives are tragically brief. The giant Pacific octopus lives up to five years, while other species survive as little as six months.